We all want to be healthy, don’t we? But in reality, it’s a general reaction that most of us freak out whenever someone talks about dieting or eating healthy. We automatically assume it to be a difficult task, that we would need to starve ourselves or spend a lot of money on the so-called ‘super foods’. On the contrary, eating healthy is not difficult at all, it’s fun and we all can do it in the comfort of our kitchen as well as our pocket. Here are 5 ways in which you can make your everyday eating habits healthier and tastier:

  1. Replace processed food with home-cooked meals:
    Yes, it’s been told to us a lot of times and No, we never follow. But eating home cooked food is way better than eating all the processed food in the market that is loaded with preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavours. Not only is home cooked food more nutritious, but it also assures us of the quality and hygiene. And if you are worried about your favourite foods like spreads, jams or cookies and cakes, there are tons of videos out there on Youtube for the recipes. They are super easy to make, and won’t harm your gut while pleasing your taste buds.
  2. Spice it up:
    You read that right. Be it oats, or some vegetables, we just don’t like food that’s bland. And that is where spices work like magic. Living in a country where spices make up a major part of the kitchen in any household, we have tons of options to flavour up our daily meals by adding these aromatic spices. Moreover, spices like cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric etc aid in digestion while also providing us with several other benefits like controlling blood sugar, helping in burning fat faster and increasing immunity, and a lot more.

  3. Only eat when you are sitting:
    Okay this is a little weird when you read it at first, but when you actually start following this really easy hack, you’ll notice the change yourself. You want to eat your favourite food, no problem. You want to have a snack, again, no problem. All you have to do is sit while you eat your food. So every time you feel hungry and head to your kitchen, do not eat while you are standing there. Serve yourself a meal or a snack, and eat only once you have sat down in a place. It doesn’t seem too significant, but saves you from a lot of mindless snacking whenever you are just hanging around in your kitchen looking for food.

  4. Always keep a bottle of water near you:
    We all know the importance of drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. But more often than not, we skip it mostly because we are too lazy to get up from our place or we just do not remember it when we are busy. Keeping a bottle of water always next to you would remind you to drink water whenever you look at it. That way, you’ll stay hydrated throughout the day and also feel full for a longer time between your meals.

  5. Plan your meals:
    Planning your meals ahead of time has several benefits. First, it regulates our meal timings. Second, it helps us make healthier choices as it is not done impulsively rather it is properly thought of. And third, it saves us time as we do not have to keep thinking at the time of making a meal what to cook or head to the grocery store if any ingredient is missing. So, plan your meals for the day a night before or for the whole week on Sunday, it’ll de-clutter your mind as well as your kitchen.

So these were a few tips on how you can eat healthy and stay healthy by following some really easy hacks and lifestyle choices. The key is to eat a balanced diet and not have excess of anything. For more detailed and personalized diet plans, head to studio M today where our dieticians and personal trainers prepare the best plans that suit your body and mind, while being complimentary to your lifestyle. Get your membership today at Studio M and see a changed you within no time.


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