It’s December and new year is round the corner. And as with every new year, we’re all ready with our resolutions, aren’t we? Did you know that out of all the resolutions, gym resolutions relating to one’s fitness are the most in number?

And yet, these are the resolutions that have a higher dropout rate after the first week of the new year. Few survive till the second week and fewer still beyond. Within a couple of weeks, all our determination to hit the gym would have just disappeared into smoke.

Well, not anymore! We, at Studio M, are determined to turn that habit of ours around and make you work harder each day of 2019. Here are five ways in which you can still hang on to that dream of yours to hit the gym from new year, and not give up:

  1. Be realistic & practical with your goals:
    Set up realistic goals that are practical and not ones that would dishearten you at the beginning. Working out is a slow process and doesn’t get you instant results. Rather than dreaming about achieving abs within 3 months like the much promoted and hyped up advertisements we see nowadays, set up goals for the longer term such as losing out the bulk in your body within the next three months and so on.Realistic goals help you stay grounded and not get disheartened at the slow progress. Sometimes, dreaming too high isn’t that great as well!
  2. Short term goals:
    Put your focus on short term goals that are in line with your long term vision. For example, if you aim to shape your body perfectly in the next one year, break down the year into parts. First you would have to change your dietary habits, work on cardio and so on. Set up short term deadlines.
    You cannot change your diet overnight, it has to be a slower process. The more gradual the process is, the more lasting it is.Short term goals help you stay motivated as you keep achieving them and give you a direction to work on.
  3. Keep progressing each day:
    When it comes to working out and building a healthy & athletic body, you don’t have to fly. You don’t even have to walk. Crawling is sufficient. But make sure you do move.Small progress each day is very important, such as an increase in the number of repetitions each day and so on. The progress will make your body stronger by each day, even though you may not immediately notice it.
  4. Find a friend:
    Since it’s a slow process, it’s important to keep yourself motivated throughout. Finding a friend who’s similar goals such as you, to head out to the gym everyday can help both of you motivate each other. Think about it, aren’t two minds better than one?
  5. Eat right:
    The first & foremost principle of building up a healthy body & fitness is your diet. Make sure you shed your carbohydrates for proteins. There are sacrifices you need to make, from giving up your favourite delicacies to having to feed on similar food everyday. But these are after all, small sacrifices in achieving a huge success.

It’s all about getting the start right. Once the process gets going and the results start appearing, there wouldn’t be a need for an outside motivation at all. It is only till you achieve your first goal that you need the push.
And that push is best given at a professional gym like Studio M, with our staff continuously keeping you engaged and highly motivated and inspired.

So come on, go ahead and dream all that you want about getting your body shaped like that of a John Abraham or a Huge Jackman, but come new year, get ready to hit the gym at Studio M!


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