We are sure that most of you would have watched URI and your eyes would have instantly lit up with pride for our Indian army and many would have got inspired by their courage, strength and spirit. Watching the movie made us realise that when you live like that, day after day, with the looming possibilities of death, it takes a brave heart to keep the determination to endure each day.

India’s Para commandos have that fire in them, to balance sanity and crisis, with the hard truth that’s always present around the corner, death. As fascinating as their image is in uniforms, holding weapons, it’s an excruciatingly tough duty. Not only does it require a fit body, but an extremely robust mind to be on the run, whenever duty calls. To take a look of what the routine of a para commando looks like, read on:

  1. The beginning of the day:
    A para commando’s day starts at 5am and ends at around 10 (it’s just a normal day when they have no extra tasks to perform) morning PT 45 min + 15 KM run + 100 push-ups + 50 pull ups + 30 min session of swimming and with this the morning quota is done. After this, they head towards the mess, eating around 700 to 900 calories + vitamins + proteins. All this is completed till 10 am and from 10 to 12 noon they take rest.
  2. Afternoon to evening training:
    1 to 2 are tactical classes where they learn techniques to handle any situation which they could face anytime in future. Around 2:30 they take their lunch. 3 to 4:30 is the time for leisure, so this is their time to do whatever they want. Most of them call their families, take short naps or watch TV and after all this evening workout session begins with 5 km run + 5 rounds of rope+ basic MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) moves or art of fighting without arms +45 min of weapon training etc till 9, after which they have dinner. By 10 they all stick to their beds.
  3. Their diet plan:
    Now with such a strict workout regime, these para commandos do not get a lot of time to eat. As much as they do, they generally stick to a protein and vitamin rich diet consisting mainly of eggs, meat, cheese, salads and fruits. Water, pure lemon juice, black coffee, green/black tea without milk are the only drinks they are allowed to have. Strictly no alcohol.

Most part of the daily routine of a para commando revolves around cardio and a good diet. It is important to have a fit body that’s able to carry the heavy weightage of the guns and machinery and still run fast. They spend months training under harsh circumstances, both physically and mentally, moulding them into men of steel who are capable of saving millions like us single-handedly.

With their courage and efforts, we are able to sleep peacefully in the comfort of our homes. To step into an enemy’s territory and bringing them down successfully, is unimaginable. For these Jawaans, our hands lift up automatically to salute!

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