Their lives may seem all party and vacations on camera, but much work goes behind the scenes when it comes to our favourite superstars. We all know about actors going to extremes off-screen to achieve their target of getting into the skin of their character on-screen. One such actor is our very own Bahubali actor Prabhas, who went on to transform his body for one of the highest grossing movies in India. But tougher still, was to maintain the body for his upcoming action thriller, Sahoo.

Here is a detailed account of his dedication to achieving the physique of the mighty Bahubali and how he’s maintained it for his upcoming hit:

  1. Getting Inspired:
    Prabhas took inspiration from WWE wrestlers, he personally observed them and interacted with them to understand the basics of bodybuilding. Instead of hiring an international trainer, he brought with him an entire gym. Yes, to focus on his workout 24*7, Prabhas bought the latest international gym equipment worth Rs. 1.5 crore and set up his own outdoor gym in his house garden. Prabhas enjoyed working out amidst the greenery of his garden where he could breathe in naturally clean and oxygen-rich air as he built some muscle.
  2. Gaining that muscle:
    For the first part, Prabhas had reached a body weight of around 105 kg from 85kg. In the sequel, to bring Amarendra Bahubali to life, Prabhas put on another 30 kg and reached 135 kg (approx.). There are even statements circulating all over the internet that Prabhas scaled up to 150 kg for the sequel. The tough part was that he needed to bulk up and get more muscular and not just fat. Putting on muscles in such a fashion required heavy diet control and very detailed workout plan.
  3. Training:
    Prabhas decided to seek help from an Indian jewel: Laxman Reddy. Laxman made India proud by claiming the tile of Mr. World at the bodybuilding championship in 2010 in Las Vegas and has 13 other titles to his name. The morning began with cardio sessions followed by stretching and yoga. This was followed by intense stamina building sessions including plyometric and cross-fit exercises. The evening involved muscle building exercises i.e. weight training. Instead of relying on isolation exercises, Laxman put him on compound routines like squats, bench presses and dead lifts. This helped him to get more muscular in lesser time. In addition, Prabhas also remained active outdoor activities like cycling, swimming etc.
  1. Diet Plan:
    Since he had to put on 20kg in 6 months, he consumed a high calorie diet, mainly focusing on non-vegetarian foods to get as much protein as possible. His diet consisted of chicken, eggs, fish, nuts and green vegetables, along with oatmeal and brown rice in small quantities which were divided into 6 meals throughout the day. His diet also included protein powders which he used to have with milk or light soup after his workout sessions and before he went to bed. Also, he made it a habit to have 10 to 12 glasses of water at least to avoid any possible dehydration that can lead to weakness and loss of stamina.
  2. The 30-70 Rule:
    Prabhas followed the 30-70 rule – 30% workout and 70% diet. Prabhas stated that an appropriate pre and post work diet plan is very important to ensure that you get the right results from your hours at the gym. He spent 6 hours at the gym everyday divided between morning and evening sessions.

Prabhas dedicated himself to the role of Bahubali, giving his 100% to his diet, workout and acting, for three whole years.

So now you know the hard work and sweat that goes into the making of a superhit actor and a superhit movie. As there are no shortcuts to success and fame, similarly, there are no shortcuts to that perfect physique you’ve always dreamt of. So don’t wait anymore, let’s buckle up and get started to make a superhit body for you at Studio M today!


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