New year is just around the corner and we know what comes along with the celebrations is the long list of resolutions that people make, some out of hope, some out of determination, while some others just out of the effect of booze in their system during New Year’s celebrations. Whatever the reason be, we all tend to make some or the other resolution, and the most popular among those-“I will go to the gym regularly”. Well, we all know how it turns out! Most of us don’t even survive the first week into it, and the ones who do, lose motivation within another week or two.

But we don’t want your fitness resolution to die such a painful death each time. At Studio M, our aim is to make your resolutions count with our campaign #MakeResolutionsCount that aims at training not just your body, but your mind and soul to reach the fitness goals that you have in mind. Instead of putting endless hours into sweating out at the gym and tiring yourself, our goal is to concentrate on the overall wellness of a body, so that you end your sessions feeling fresh and energised.

We know that each person is different and every body requires a different diet as well as a different workout regime. Our professional trainers are here to guide you by understanding your needs and planning a regime that is tailor-made, just for you. And don’t you worry, we aren’t the ones who follow fads and the impossible diet or body goals. Rather, Studio M is conceptualised keeping in mind the fitness and wellness of a person and the results achieved by constant efforts towards achieving your goal.

Whether you want to get slimmer, lose weight, gain muscle, gain strength or stamina, or just want to feel healthier and ease your stress, you are welcome to our space and you won’t be disappointed. If you are someone who prefers to workout with a personal trainer or even someone who loves the feeling of being in a group for motivation to workout, we are here to cater to all your needs. While the undivided attention of your personal trainer would help you in achieving your fitness goals in no time, the fun of working out in a group would take away all the stress and you’ll be enjoying yourself among like minded people while getting fitter each day. Our approach is to nurture and care for our clients’ needs, and we know how to do that well.

So this New Year, when you are out partying with your friends or family and taking resolutions to hit the gym and achieve that oh so admirable body that you’ve always dreamed of, you know the place to be at the next morning. At Studio M, we don’t just call it a gym, we call it a wellness centre because although we make you work hard, but we also concentrate on the nutrition that your body needs thereby not only achieving fitness, but a better and healthy lifestyle for the long term for a healthier and happier you.

Now don’t go on waiting to contemplate, get your membership today and be a part of the Studio M family where we workout together and get fitter, better and healthier each day.


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