Women’s Day is just around the corner and to make the celebrations of this occasion special for all our lovely ladies, we have brought exciting offers to take your fitness game several notches higher. Now before we tell you more about our electrifying offers, let’s get to understand why it is so important for women to workout regularly. In this age of social media, when working out is easily confused with attaining a flawless physical appearance, we want to lend a deeper understanding to this term, which is not just limited to the physical appearance of a person, but rather is a way of life to be a healthier person, both mentally and physically.

A simple exercise like taking a walk or deep breathing for just 20 minutes a day could do wonders for you. It’ll not only help you to lose those extra kilos, but also promote better heart health and release stress. There are a lot of benefits of working out regularly, and if not all, we are just going to tell you a few of those:

  1. Builds Stamina:
    Doing cardio and HIIT overtime builds your stamina, i.e., you can do physical work for longer period without getting tired too soon. Bring your girlfriends along to workout with you for those long hours of shopping and still be ready for the party in the evening.
  2. A happier you:
    According to several studies, working out has been linked to the release of pheromones in the body aka the happiness hormone. We say get on that treadmill and smile your way throughout the day.
  3. More muscle, less fat:
    Exercise burns fat as well as makes your metabolism better even when you are resting. This helps you use up your nutrition intake to build muscle while you are working out and not store fat in various places in your body.
  4. Promotes better sleep:
    This is a no brainer. Exercise uses up the excessive energy and helps you fall asleep faster rather than tossing and turning the whole night, so that you wake up well rested in the morning.
  5. Say goodbye to your weight issues:
    And lastly, the one thing we generally tend to obsess about, losing weight. The bright side of including working out in your daily routine and staying active is that you won’t have to worry about any of those extra kilos as once exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, you can see yourself shedding that little extra weight in no time.

Although it is amazing to incorporate exercises in your daily routine, a balanced diet is also equally important for a fit body, mind and soul. After all, those washboard abs are made in the kitchen.

So don’t inhibit yourself and don’t wait, Studio M brings to you 1 year of gym membership at just INR 10,000. Now that’s what we call a steal deal. Not only this, our one year crossfire membership just comes at INR 15,000. Not impressed yet? How about a 1 year gym membership + crossfit at just INR 20,000. We don’t think that’s an offer you’ll want to resist. So get your membership today, the offer is limited for the first 25 registrations only. Hurry up, grab your membership today!


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