Jason Momoa, or as he’s very popularly known, Aquaman, has recently launched his movie in India to raving reviews, making all of us go gaga over his body and giving us some New Year goals & inspirations!

As we run our flagship campaign of #MakeResolutionsCount, we help you get his fitness and shape your body accordingly, breaking down Jason’s workout regime, moving you closer to your gym goals.

To start with, it isn’t easy. Jason literally would have had to slog it out to get the right shapes and cuts for his body. But the result, as we all know and have seen, is so very beautiful.

The primary elements to concentrate upon are: Your diet & the workout routine.


Jason Momoa let go of his favourites delicacies and sacrificed on his desperate favourites, for a diet with a monitored and adjusted list of proteins, carbs and fats, in what he usually joked as “Supervised Freedom!”
What you’ve to look into, is the determination. Know what, when & how much you’re eating, and how much it is affecting you. Be sensitive about it & question everything. If you are dissatisfied with your current condition, then something you are doing is the cause. You did this. Own it. Change it.

Vizag gym Jason momoa


To build up a body of such muscle, you’ve to impose high-intensity peaks that bump post-exercise metabolic rate for a few hours but keep them short to avoid jacking up appetite. Treat the workouts as play and make them really hard. It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun!

Vizag gym Aquaman

Determination & Persistence

You’ve to be determined, just for a day at first. Then for the second day & then the third. Take it a day at a time and keep pushing yourself, doing at least one rep more each day than the previous. Jason was so focussed on building his body that he somehow made it a point to cramp in the gym in his tight daily schedule.

Vizag gym Aquaman

Though it isn’t easy, it is also very much possible. For the exact exercises to be followed, all you’ve to do is to drop in to Studio M and our professional trainers will ensure that you get closer to the body of your dreams.

We’ll ensure that your new year resolutions this time will not go waste. Check out how we will help you out with your body this new year, 2019. Go Aquaman now!


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